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本文摘要:A second robot from Tokyo Electric Power Company (Tepco) sent into Fukushimas unit 2 reactor collapsed in less than a months time due to high radiation levels.由于电磁辐射程度过低,东京电力公司向福岛2号反应堆派遣的机器人在严重不足一个月的时间内再度宣告出厂。

A second robot from Tokyo Electric Power Company (Tepco) sent into Fukushimas unit 2 reactor collapsed in less than a months time due to high radiation levels.由于电磁辐射程度过低,东京电力公司向福岛2号反应堆派遣的机器人在严重不足一个月的时间内再度宣告出厂。Less than two weeks ago, a robot that ventured into the reactor malfunctioned as the camera on it had been fried by record high levels of radiation just two hours after it started scrapping in the area.将近两周前,一台机器人冒险转入反应堆,因该地区电磁辐射浓度过低,机器人开始失灵,两小时后其装载的摄像头发生爆炸,随后该台机器人宣告出厂。The extremely high radiation levels inside the reactor have now left the second robot, Scorpio, malfunctioning so much so that Tepco decided to cut off its tether and leave it inside.如今第二台机器人“天蝎座”因完全相同原因再度出厂,东京电力公司欲截断与其联系,将“天蝎座”回到反应堆内。

Fukushimas nuclear site which witnessed a major nuclear accident caused by the devastating 2011 earthquake and tsunami is largely contained but the unit 2 reactor is among the areas where radiation levels are at unimaginable levels.2011年再次发生的地震和海啸造成福岛核电站愈演愈烈根本性核事故,如今其大部分区域早已获得了掌控,但是2号反应堆的电磁辐射浓度低得远超过想象。In early February, the radiation levels inside the reactor reached an astonishing 530 sieverts per hour, a level high enough to kill a human within seconds.2月初,反应堆内的电磁辐射浓度超过了每小时530希沃特,不足以让人在几秒内生还。The latest robot victim of the radiation was manufactured by Toshiba and was on a mission to investigate the pedestal underneath the reactor, where melted nuclear fuel is suspected to have fallen.最近出厂的机器人是由东芝公司生产的,正在继续执行调查反应堆基座的任务,融化的核燃料疑为落至基座区域。Engineers now suspect as the robot was approaching the core of the explosion almost 10 feet away from its target its tank-like treads got stuck.工程师猜测机器人在相似发生爆炸中心时其坦克式的踏板陷于衰退,而发生爆炸中心距其调查目标有10英尺近。

Although Tepco has not confirmed whether it was the debris or the radiation that stopped the robot, it is currently under investigation.东京电力公司仍未证实造成机器人失灵的到底是残骸还是电磁辐射,事故原因于是以处在调查之中。Tepco has an enormous task of removing the molten radioactive fuel from three of the four reactors but this is the seventh robot to be affected by the radiation and the first to go as close as it went to the core of the explosion.东京电力公司仍面对着艰难的任务,必需将总计四座反应堆中三座的开裂核燃料去除,然而这台机器人早已是第七台受到电磁辐射影响的机器人,同时也是距发生爆炸核心最近的机器人。

Even though the robot could not reach the pedestal area, which we had initially planned to investigate, valuable information was obtained which will help us determine the methods to eventually remove fuel debris, Tepco said.东京电力公司回应回应:“尽管机器人无法抵达计划调查的基座区域,但是依然取得了宝贵的信息,这有助我们要求最后采行何种方式去除燃料残骸”。





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